There is no prior experience required in coffee brewing although you have to know how to make yourself go on a pushbike! We can assist in your new adventure of brewing coffee on a home brewista level outdoors, or help to upgrade the skills you already possess. We will explore in depth two or three brew methods of your choice. These brew methods can be AeroPress, Chemex, Pour Over V60

What's Included:

  • 3hour guided bike tour to the Glaciar Garden via Furi
  • Electric powered bike
  • licensed SCA brewista 
  • introduction to specialty coffee and outdoor brewing session 
  • complimentary 250g of one of our coffees
  • athletes Lunch how we like it!

Date And Location

We run BIKE & BREW once a week. Courses are held at Glaciar Garden if weather allows or at our show roastery at Furi 151, Aroleid Kollektiv Restaurant , 3920 Zermatt. Ride out to a Glaciar Garden using electric powered bike for an outdoor brewing session!


  • Meet at Aroleid Kollektiv at 10:15AM or Bike Arena at 10:00AM to collect your bike and join the Bike & Brew Crew

What Else You Need To Know

We advice you not to consume substantial amounts of caffeine before attending our courses as tasting will be an important part of your session. 
We offer discounts for groups. To learn more, please visit

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