This is a short and practical course aimed at the home barista and coffee enthusiast. The course is 90 minutes long and there is no prior experience required. 

Product Details

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This is a practical course aimed at the home brewista and coffee enthusiast entering specialty single origin brewing.

  • The course is 60 minutes long
  • Maximum booking total of 3 people
  • Minimum booking total of 2 people
  • Cake, fruit and water included

What Will You Learn

There is no prior experience required, we can assist in your new adventure of brewing coffee at home, or help to upgrade the skills you already possess. We will explore in depth two or three brew methods. These brew methods can be AeroPress, Chemex, French Press, V60, Cold Brew or Siphon. We will explore origins of green bean coffee and its sourcing, roasting and it’s chemistry and at least we will talk and practise brewing it self. Topics covered are extraction and it’s rules, grinders and how grind size affects cup profile, filter medium and brewing devices and their differences.

Dates And Location

Courses are held at beautiful alpine restaurant Aroleid Kollektiv

What Else You Need To Know 

We advice you not to consume any caffeine before attending our courses as tasting will be an important part of your time at our roastery. After the class, you can take home a complimentary bag of coffee of your choice. We are looking forward to share the specialty coffee with you and your friends!

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